If you are searching for one of the most stunning tourist destinations in Kerala, you search will definitely end in Kovalam! A magical beach town in Thiruvananthapuram city; around 16km from the city limits, this amazing town also boasts of being a famed tourist destination among the international tourists to India.

Fringe with lush coconut groves, this scenic town was hidden from the rest of the world till the Maharani of Travancore – Maharani Sehtu Lakshmi Bayi discovered the tranquillity and enchanting beauty of this beach town. Following this, her nephew or the then Maharaja of Travancore promoted tourism around Kovalam, and finally brought it to the world tourism map.

With the influx of tourists from almost all the corners of the globe, Kovalam transformed its outlook from being a traditional fishing village to a hippie destination and finally to one of the most stunning beach towns in the world! Today, with beaches like Lighthouse Beach, Hawah Beach, and Samudra Beach, Kovalam takes the pride of being one of the most heart-warming tourist destinations in Kerala and is visited by a large number of tourists throughout the year.

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Places to Visit in Kovalam

1) Lighthouse Beach:

This one is the most popular and sought after beaches in Kerala! Located at the southernmost tip of Kovalam, Lighthouse Beach boasts of its surreal ambience, an ancient lighthouse, and eternal outlook.

2) Hawah Beach:

Also called the Eve’s Beach, Hawah Beach is fringed with rocky outgrowths or forelands. This also adds a unique and enchanting outlook to this stunning beach, and makes it ideal for the visitors to indulge in several beach activities.

3) Samudra Beach:

For those who want to stay from the crow, and still enjoy the salubrious beauty of the beached in Kovalam, they must visit the Samudra Beach. Secluded from the usual crowd, this beach is a hub for the local fishermen.

4) Vellayani Lake:

The largest fresh water lake in Trivandrum, Vellayani Lake is a true delight for the visitors on a Kerala trip! Located within a close proximity to Kovalam; 7km, this water reservoir also serves as a host to Snake Boat Races in Kerala.

5) Halcyon Castle:

Dating back to the late 30s, this historic castle was built by the royal consort of Maharani Sethu Lakshmi Bayi. Converted into a heritage hotel, it reflects the architectural brilliance of Kerala’s past.

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