Adorned by the enchanting charm of the Arabian Sea, Kochi or Cochin boasts of being one of the best tourist destinations in Kerala that is perfectly blended with an old world charm and the electrifying beauty of modern day world! Located within the Ernakulam district of God’s Own Country, this gorgeous city is also called the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ and has been a center of attraction since time immemorial!

An important port city; in fact the most popular, in Kerala, Kochi showcases a mixed bag of culture. Once ruled by Portuguese, Dutch, and British, the city still echoes the essence and aura of these eras in livelier ways. Also, owing to its location along the shorelines of the Arabian Sea, it has been an important spice trade centre for countries like Syria, Arab, China, and several other Asian countries.

Rated as one of the ’50 Greatest Places to Visit in a Lifetime’ by National Geographic Traveller Magazine, Kochi is truly is a melting point of history and culture. Though the city boasts of its cosmopolitan outlooks, it is still connected to its indigenous roots with its high cultural and traditional values. If you are planning for a Kerala trip, a visit to this promising port city is a must!

Explore the City

Places to Visit in Kochi:

1) Fort Kochi:

The once a hub of the spice traders from various corners of the globe, Fort Kochi is among the most spectacular place to visit in Cochin. Steeped with history or the livelier reminiscent of the past, a walk around this vicinity along with the prismatic views of the Chinese fishing nets is a must experience for the visitors.

2) Vasco House:

Kochi is the melting point of history and culture; the Vasco House on the Rose Street of this port city is one such livelier example! Believed to be the residence of Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, it is among the oldest heritage houses in India.

3) Santa Cruz Basilica:

This pious site dates back to 1505, and was originally built by the Portuguese. Though it was later destroyed by the British colonists, it was later rebuilt in 1905.

4) Dutch Palace:

The Raja of Kochi received this historic palace as a gift from the Portuguese! Built in typical Portuguese and Malabar architecture, the palace showcases ancient murals and wall paintings, and is a true treasure trove for the visitors to Kochi.

5) Bolghatty Palace:

Situated in the Bolghatty Island, this historic palace was once a royal retreat. At present, it has been converted into a heritage hotel that can be accessed only by boats.

6) Hill Palace:

A 19th century palace, Hill Palace was once the royal seat of Raja of Kochi. It now serves as a museum that houses numerous belongings of the past; a visit to Hill Palace will get the visitors acquainted with the glorious history of Kochi.

7) Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary:

An indigenous home to a large number of avifauna, Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is a major attraction among the nature lovers to Kochi. Located at the heart of the city, it is a wonderful day-out destination and a paradise for the bird watchers.

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